Company Profile

Yangzhou Everbright is an enterprise relaying on headwear manufacturing as its primary business, and bags & suitcases,clothes etc., as its ancillary business, which is also a comprehensive enterprise group with five factories and a professional international trade company integrating product development, production and international trade. By the strategic setting of its marketing center in the US, HK and Singapore, EB has its products covering the global high-end sports markets.

With its operation center setting in Yangzhou-a culture and history honored city with beautiful scenery, EB has a total coverage of more than 30 acreages and more than 3,000 employees with daily headwear production capacity up to 80,000pcs.

The world top sports groups such as NBA, MLB, NFL, golf, etc, are all EB's main partners. Depending on its high quality, punctual lead time, and competitive price, EB has won over extensive favors and recognition worldwide.

With its most advanced working philosophy, management system as well as its service consciousness, EB has ranked among the world leading headwear manufacturing enterprises.

Moreover, taking advantage of its first class modern manufacturing equipment, professional talents as well as its advanced design concepts, EB becomes the very first enterprise utilizing automatic headwear-hanging pipeline in the industry. In the meantime, EB's own international fashion brand "RIOREX", which absorbs the digital navigation technology and ecological concept, has taken the first place in leading the global fashion trend by combining fashion and music, as well as balancing entertainment and work. During this process, many world-wide patents have been obtained by EB.

With the further development of EB, the product category has been increasing gradually showing a good momentum of growth featured by headwear manufacturing being in the first place, and diverse products development following closely.

Being dedicated to even a small product shows the great side of an enterprise! By taking a high starting point in design, production and service, EB continuously meets customers‘ needs, more often than not, even exceeds customer expectations. The spirit of never satisfied, never-ending improvement, never stop seeking perfection, has made EB the milestone in the global headwear industry. And it shall continue to inspire EB to become the "Apple" in headwear manufacturing industry!